Florida real estate properties - Homes for sale in Florida - Florida home builders


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Florida real estate properties - Homes for sale in Florida - Florida home builders

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Florida real estate and Palm Coast real estate is offered by a Flagler County realtor. Sun Coast Real Estate Services is here to help you find your perfect new home for sale here in Palm Coast Florida ,Flagler County and East Volusia County. We offer a wide variety of golf, saltwater, oceanfront standard home site and Florida beach property to choose from. We are an exclusive broker for a quality new home builder that can build you the home that you have always wanted. Our staffs of full time real estate (realtor) agents are well trained professionals that are here to assist you and answer any questions you may have in your quest to relocate to Florida. As your Realtor I will work hard to find you the best real estate at a good price. I promise our Florida home builder is the best we could find.

Search for Home Sites Search a HUGE online database of 1600+ Palm Coast Homes Sites for sale and skip the home hunting headaches in Palm Coast and Flagler county!  read more

Affordable Florida Homes Remain Competitive In The Current Florida Real Estate Market According to the latest sales figures, the real estate market country wide has turned in favor of the buyer.  Both existing home sellers and builders are now working even harder to make that sale, and as a new home buyer, you are the beneficiary of this trend.  But there are several things that you should be aware of before you try to take advantage of the current market conditions. Read more...

Florida real estate - bring your golf cart - This is one amazing Palm Coast , Florida golf course custom home, with view of a lifetime looking down the fairway...

Free Map Of Palm Coast The street map includes all streets in the Palm Coast area. Unlike most maps you can actually read this map the text is 30% larger than most street maps.

Buyers - New Quality Homes  - Now you can have a brand new super high quality loaded with upgrades new Florida home built to withstand a category 4 hurricane for about the same price as a RESALE HOME. See what Affordable Florida Homes has to offer. New homes for sale in Flagler county and Palm Coast, Florida. Along with some very affordable Palm Coast real estate (home sites).

Real Estate Brokerage Relationship Explained

In the course of purchasing a home, you will be presented with certain forms, which are described below:
The Real Estate Brokerage Relationship Disclosure has three sections of representation: 

Single Agent Notice When this agency is selected, you are owed the following duties: dealing honestly and fairly; loyalty; confidentiality; obedience; full disclosure; accounting for all funds; skill, care and diligence in the transaction; and presenting all offers and counteroffers in a timely manner, unless a party has previously directed the licensee otherwise in writing

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A Florida Real Estate Agent You Can Trust - When searching for Florida Real Estate, chances are very good that you are going to need a realtor to help you with your Real Estate buying needs. With many realtors out there, finding one you can trust may seem to be a daunting task. Especially if.... read more

Area Guide to Palm Coast Real Estate - You may be considering property in Florida for many reasons. Why not consider Palm Coast Real Estate? Minutes from everything and with so much to do, Palm Coast is not only exciting, but beautiful as well. This is a simple guide to Palm Coast Real Estate homes and the area amenities. read more

Making Relocation Less Painful for Your Family  If you’re looking to purchase Florida Real Estate because you are being relocated, you may have mixed feelings about relocation in general. You may be excited about embarking upon a new adventure, or you may be quite upset at leaving your current home, and it may be your family that will have more apprehensions about relocating than you do. Many people relocate and purchase Florida Real Estate for various reasons: job transfer, health issues, to be closer to family, to be near the ocean, or because it’s just time for a change. But whatever your reason for relocating, there are things you can do to make your relocation less painful for all. Read the whole article - click here

For the new Florida home buyer: How to get started

Buying a new home in Florida can be a wonderful experience, but also an overwhelming one. Should you buy an existing home or should you find a builder? How do you find a good realtor, and if you decide you want a custom home, how do you find a reputable builder? What sort of construction materials and features should you be looking for when buying a home in Florida? What about financing?

A new home buyer may ask themselves all of these questions and then some. The intention of this article is to educate the new Florida home buyer by answering a few of the most common questions new buyers have when buying a home in Florida. read more...

Palm Coast History - The land now known as Palm Coast was originally owned and developed by ITT Corporation. The original development plan included 48,000 homes on about 65.6 square miles. The region includes 23 miles of saltwater canals and twice as many freshwater canals. Palm Coast is well-known for these many waterways, which add a great deal of charm to this seaside community. If golf is your sport, this is the perfect destination. It is home to one of the best golf resorts in the country, Palm Coast Golf Resort. The facility is located in a scenic wooded area and has five courses designed such renowned pros as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player. Each of the resort's courses has its own style and its own difficulties.

Golfers may also wish to try out the challenging six-hole course along the Atlantic at Ocean Hammock Golf Club. In addition to golf, the resort and surrounding area provide a variety of fine dining choices nearby. Golf is important in Palm Coast, but it's not the only sport to enjoy. Other popular activities include water sports, hiking, walking, tennis or beach-going. Flagler County has 19 miles of relatively  quiet white sand beaches. Boating, surfing, jet-skiing, water skiing and fishing are also popular. Several businesses along the coast provide rental equipment for visitors. For tennis players, the Player's Racquet Club in Palm Coast has 18 courts, including clay, hard and grass surfaces.

The club also hosts several USTA national events each year. Nearby sites to see include Marineland, Holden House Museum, Florida Agricultural Museum and the Flagler Beach Historical Museum. Marineland is primarily a research center, but does offer dolphin shows and aquarium and tropical reef displays. Holden House Museum and Flagler Beach Historical Museum provide glimpses into the history of the Flagler County lifestyle. The agricultural  museum is an outdoor educational park, offering tribute to Florida's' diverse heritage. As an alternative to sightseeing and enjoying the outdoors, one can drive 30 minutes into Daytona Beach, a popular tourist  destination south of Palm Coast. Daytona Beach is known for its beaches, shopping, dining and nightlife, and provides an exciting getaway for Palm Coast residents.

Preparing for your new home purchase

In order to avoid some of the pitfalls that first time home buyers can sometimes experience when purchasing real estate, it pays to be as well-prepared as possible before you begin shopping for your new home. Just because you are new to home ownership doesn’t mean you should be uninformed, and when it comes to home buying, knowledge of the current market conditions and a bit of extra preparation really do go a long way.

How much real estate can you afford?

Before you begin the search for your new Florida home, it is important to carefully and above all, realistically, assess your financial situation and home expense budget. It is often helpful to visit your bank or selected mortgage company to seek pre-approval for a loan amount before you start shopping.

When a lender completes a pre-qualification assessment, they look at how much home you can afford based on your income, credit score, predicted down payment amount and debt-to-income ratio, which represents how much you owe to creditors vs. your annual income.

Using this information, your lender can tell you what size loan you will qualify for. This allows you to narrow your Florida home search into an approximate price range and not only protects you from making an offer on a home you can’t afford, but also allows you to search for the Florida home that will provide the amenities you want at the price you can afford.

When you are calculating the monthly payment you can afford, don’t forget to include insurance costs and taxes. You can access tax records online or at the county offices of your desired neighborhood. If you already have an insurance carrier for your automobile, ask your agent about whether the company offers home loans. Companies often give multiple policy discounts, so it pays to have all of your policies through the same insurance provider.

Another advantage of using the same insurance provider for multiple policies is that when many agencies are not writing homeowner’s insurance policies for new customers during hurricane season, they will write policies for existing customers.

Finding your ideal Florida home

Once you have your financing options in place, have researched the current market conditions, and have a working knowledge of the terminology commonly used by realtors, sellers and lenders, you are ready to begin the search for your new Florida home.

Drive through several different neighborhoods that suit your needs. Go on a Sunday and visit open houses given by realtors and builders. When you have your target price range and pre-qualification in hand, you are in an excellent position to negotiate when you find the perfect home or home builder. But don’t forget to shop around. Look at several homes and interview several home builders.

By completing your research, preparations, and pre-qualification for financing, you are setting yourself up for first-time home buying success. So don’t wait; begin your journey toward Florida real estate ownership today! If you are looking in towns in Palm Coast, Flagler County, or East Volusia Counties you should take a look at Affordable Florida Homes, Inc.



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 built to withstand a category 4 hurricane - see the Florida home builders floor plans.

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Flagler County and Palm Coast, Florida Climate: January average low temperature is 45.3 – July average high temperature is 91.4 – Average days mostly sunny annually is 229 days.
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